How Will You Spend Your 24 Hours In Minneapolis?

Take the quiz to find out what kind of Minneapolis meeting planner you are.

No matter what kind of meetings you plan, Minneapolis has everything you could want in a destination. Just give us one day and we'll give you a flavor of the city. What will your 24 hours in Minneapolis look like? That depends on what kind of Minneapolis meeting planner you are. Take the quiz and find out!

Minneapolis is the perfect blend of natural beauty and urban sophistication. No other American city has a chain of lakes, the mighty Mississippi, and 200 miles of walking, biking and cross country ski trails within the city limits – literally steps from the most vibrant arts and music scene outside NYC, the best shopping in the region, and museums among the finest in the nation. From parks to Prada. From Muskie to Monet. From four-star to stargazing. From big games to household names, Minneapolis is the American city where natural and urban drama share a single stage.

1. What's your perfect day?

  • An artsy day

    Whether nature’s palette is your thing, or if you want a world-class museum, Minneapolis is a work of art everywhere you look.

  • A big-foam-hand kind of day

    If there’s a sport, there’s a spot for it in Minneapolis. At the core of this city beats the heart of a sports fan.

  • A flirt-with-your-credit-card-limit kind of day

    From one of the biggest malls in the world to unique thrift and boutique stores, if you want to buy it, you can find it here.

  • A night on the town

    From trendy bars to hot musical acts, Minneapolis has lots of reasons to go nocturnal.

2. Who do you want to hang out with?

  • Pablo Picasso

    Painter, sculptor, poet, playwright. There’s not much he didn’t do, and you can find plenty of his work at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.

  • Prince

    A Minnesota original who still makes his home here. If you’re lucky you might even catch him perform at his Paisley Park studios.

  • Kevin Garnett

    He put the Minnesota Timberwolves on the map, and is now back where he belongs on the court in Minneapolis.

  • Coco Chanel

    If you’re setting the fashion world on fire, she’d be a good influence on you, and there’s no shortage of shopping here.

3. Where are you going to go relax?

  • A not-your-average city park

    No one in Minneapolis lives more than six blocks from a park, and they’ve been recognized as the best parks system in the country.

  • The Lake

    In the land of 10,000 lakes, Minneapolis alone has 22 of them. So, pick up that kayak paddle and get going.

  • A Swanky Bar and Lounge

    If you’re most a home in your going-out shoes, we’ve got basement bars, lounges at the top of skyscrapers, and everything in between.

  • A Baseball Game

    Target Field is one of the best parks in baseball, and it’s nestled into the heart of the downtown Minneapolis entertainment district.

4. What are you craving?

  • Brat and Beer

    You can’t turn a corner here without running into a new brewpub. If this is your idea of a satisfying meal, you’ll fit right in.

  • Champagne and filet mignon

    It’s okay if you’re fancy, or just want to pretend you are. Minneapolis is home to several James Beard award winning chefs.

  • Fresh Fish

    We’re pretty healthy around here, so if the catch of the day is your style, we’ve got you covered.

  • Farm-to-table salad

    You want to know where you food is coming from, and we have lots of great restaurants that use locally-sourced ingredients.

5. What's your ride?

  • Bicycle

    We’re America’s best city for bicycling, with more than 200 miles of on- and off-street bikeways.

  • Kayak

    Whether you like the calm Chain of Lakes or the challenge of the rushing Mississippi River, paddle to your heart’s content.

  • Limousine

    You deserve to ride in style, so go high-end for your night out in downtown Minneapolis.

  • METRO Light Rail

    Our two METRO lines and extensive bus system mean getting from here to there is a breeze.

6. What are you drinking?

  • Beer

    If you want a beer that goes down smoothly, or a more challenging brew, our huge number of local craft beers will keep you satisfied.

  • Martini

    Any good night on the town should include a martini, and our bars and restaurants serve up some of the best.

  • Green Smoothie

    Let’s keep it healthy. A green smoothie could be just the jump-start you need before running or biking our extensive network of trails.

  • Coffee

    You’ll want to be alert for your busy day in Minneapolis, so start it at one of our many terrific local coffee shops.

7. What's on your DVR?

  • Last Night's Game

    Sure you can record it, but why stay in when you can hit up a real-life game of one of our five professional teams.

  • Devil Wears Prada

    If you live the high-fashion life, or just dream about it at the movies, our shopping can help make your style dreams a reality.

  • A Documentary

    You like to keep it real and learn a little something about the world. Our museums, arts and culture are right up your alley.

  • Empire

    Put down the remote, let your DVR handle it, and get yourself out on the town to First Avenue or one of our other amazing clubs.

8. Where is the best spot to watch a sunset?

  • Any sporting event

    Whether the hometown wins or loses, the sunset makes it all worthwhile. Evening is a magical time at many of our sports venues.

  • Rooftop Lounge

    Stay above it all and watch the day come to a close, while taking in the energy of the city on one of our many rooftop bars and lounges.

  • Park

    If your heart is in the wilderness but you like the comforts of the city, you can get them both here.

  • On the Lake

    Sunset in the sky. Sunset in the water. Let the reflection from one of our lakes bring your day to a perfect close.